mrs joyce draws photographing your pet

Photographing Your Pet

Taking a good photo of your furry friend can be a real challenge. A high quality photo makes a real difference to the detail in the drawing so it really is worth getting the best possible reference photo.

It doesn’t need to be a professional photo or a fancy camera however, phone cameras usually do the job just as well and are less likely to worry a camera shy pet.

Of course if the portrait is a surprise gift or of a pet that has passed away, I understand it might not be possible to gain more photos. I am always happy to advise on the photos you do have available.

Some helpful tips:
  • Take the photo in good lighting, ideally not in direct sunlight as this can alter your pet’s true colourings. Outside on a cloudy day is perfect or in a room with lots of light.
  • Get close enough to your pet so that he or she mostly fills the photo frame, this will ensure that detail such as individual hairs and characteristic features are visible.
  • Try to take the photo from the same level as your pet and with their eyes open. I always think that reflections in eyes add some special magic to a portrait.
  • Consider whether you want to include your pet’s collar in the drawing.
  • Choose an angle or pose of your pet that you like.

And finally, dont be afraid of a little bribery. The golden labrador here was sat expectantly under the baby’s high chair at dinner time!

If you are having trouble choosing, please do send across a selection of photos and I can help you pick one. For examples of my work please visit my gallery.

Please email your original full size photo files to me at: